Functional Support Engineer

Profile: “Bac +5”

Experience: Junior / fluent english

Location: London

Contract: Permanent


Want to go beyond yourself in a world that you know well: the business of Finance and participate in the functional support of users who are mainly Traders, Sales …

Do you like challenges? You are able to manage problems and incidents: all team members on all applications.

You should enjoy application monitoring and follow up, knowledge management and writing documentation.

The Continuous Service Level improvement offered to users is one of your main concerns.

The top Applications covered are: iPrice, SmartDerivatives, FISH, Exocet, Universal Drafter.

You are fluent in English.

This job is for you and looks like you. So do not hesitate, apply!

About Atlanse

Atlanse, an international group, supports its customers in improving the performance of their information system to meet the challenges related to digital transformation.

For Atlanse, digital exists only because the human imagined it. It needs digital to improve its own existence and technology only makes sense when it facilitates the life of the user.